Elitranslate — reliable service provider for technical texts

TranslatePro has been using written translation services provided by translation agency Elitranslate to translate technical texts in a field of agriculture and agricultural machinery since June 2017. TranslatePro has relied on these services on a regular basis for translating technical type of agricultural machinery instructions and advertisement texts in English-Ukrainian language combination that is always provided in high quality and delivered on the requested time.

Collaboration with translation agency Elitranslate has helped us to maintain a sustainable partnership with our clients, which is highly appreciated from our side. We have also benefited from their ability to accept post-editing jobs, which proves the flexibility and reliability of the company.

We are grateful for the job that the Elitranslate team has done by ensuring quality translations and on-time deliveries. We are also happy to see that the agency has been very adaptive and agreed to use translation programs that are required for the projects.

The employees of Elitranslate have proven themselves to be a team of goal-oriented professionals, who care about meeting client demands and continuous improvement of the service that they provide. And we especially value the ability to meet our deadlines, because this has been very important for us to meet our customer’s expectations.

Elitranslate — reliable service provider for technical texts

L?ga Me??kaTranslatePro Management assistant and Partner manager